Free Facebook Messenger – Chat on Facebook for free! Chat using your existing data plan, no per-message charges. Just sign in with your existing IM accounts, no need to sign up for anything! BeejiveIM also has the complete look and feel of native Android apps, offering you the Android’s great degree of customizability in look and feel so that you can seamlessly integrate instant messaging into your overall Android experience. In terms of security the application includes full bit encryption of all over-the-air data transmissions.

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Direct Download Download this app to your desktop. Send and receive files, including pictures and voice notes. Jennifer Martin 2 years ago. Search News Search web.

One of the most popular Instant Messaging clients on the market, Beejive has landed on beejive android Android platform. Stay connected to all of your instant beejjve buddies on all of your IM accounts, anywhere you go. Transfer photos and videos directly within the body of your IM, bringing beejive android both andrid photo quality and great ease of use.

BeejiveIM also automatically reconnects in case of data beejive android andrid, including phone calls and loss of cell coverage. Plus, BeejiveIM lets you see who is available at that very moment, meaning you not only won’t waste money texting, you won’t waste time waiting around for a response from someone who isn’t even there. We use cookies to offer you a great app store! For more information, please visit www. Messaging Client Beejive Launches on Android. BeejiveIM, the initial offering from Anfroid product portfolio, is a multi-protocol instant messaging client that connects the mobile user to the major instant messaging networks.


The application also enables users to transfer photos and videos directly within the body of their IM, bringing both high photo quality and great ease of use. Sort, group, and easily search through your buddy list.

Beejive Comes to Android

You will be able to set custom status messages, be invisible, or set an auto away status and change your beejive android settings.

For more information, please visit http: Click to load comments. Not only is instant messaging a much richer experience than texting, it beeive also much more cost-effective.

Email your chats to save your chat history.

With Beejive android, Android users can finally experience the connectivity and full features of desktop instant messaging from beejive android Android smartphone, making it much easier and cost-effective to communicate than via texting.

Anddroid an alert when your friends come online. Comments Archive Archive with all the comments made for this app. Choose your color theme, chat wallpaper, buddy list styles, and more! This is also great for IMing while on the go. With always-on efficient networking and desktop-quality instant messaging, your instant messaging experience is seamless and reliable.


Free Facebook Messenger – Chat on Facebook for free! Beeejive is an all-in-one messaging client with a friendly user interface, that enables users to stay connected with all their friends regardless of the messaging service used.

Messenger — Text and Video Chat for Free. The application enables users to stay connected to all of their instant messaging buddies on all of their IM beejive android, anywhere they go.

See what reviewers are saying: Quickly switch between multiple simultaneous chats. Optimized for both tablets and phones.

Beejive IM for Android first look

BeejiveIM was created to address the lack of reliable, user-friendly instant messaging applications available to beejive android users. BeejiveIM even automatically reconnects in case of data service disruption, including phone calls and loss of cell coverage. BeejiveIM for Android offers a deep set of features that sets it apart from other limited IM options:. Anrroid choice of clients:

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