Reduced the maximum number of attempts for satisfying conditions to Menu item connects to Brownstone website to download latest updates. On the answer key, changed the label for Feedback from “Responses” to “Feedback”. Refactoring Improving Performance improvement on large images. Icon on directory browse dialog did not render correctly under Windows XP. Exam Added better checks for invalid custom question formats in some Diploma 5 question banks.

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Updated documentation, including documentation for math plotting. Solves lots of bugs.

Diploma 6 (Mac) Release Notes

Added a preference for automatically adding a new standard instruction to new exams. Fixed temporary file leak. Plot Improved the on-screen quality of the axes arrow heads. Exam – Algorithms Added smarter equality checks for floating-point numbers in the algorithm engine, to check for equality within a range of the precision available. Prevented export of questions with more than 10 answer choices to TheTestingCenter, which only supports up to 10 answer choices.

Diploma’s algorithm wimba diploma 6 was diplo,a “-e” as 0. DHTML export was not exporting multiple references correctly.

Exam Fixed an issue where a deleted field would reappear. Newly created instructions will be opened in the Record Editor instead of the last unused reference. Exam An error experienced by some when opening Exam has been fixed.


Wimba – Diploma 6 Release Notes

Added a workaround for the WebCT Vista 3 export where multiple exports would override each other when imported as a package. Exam Support for exporting to Angel 6. Multiple items can now be selected using only a mouse-click with dragging.

A message was added to indicate that the spell check completed.

Wimba Diploma 6

The IE7 version is reported correctly in the Tech Support dialog. Exam Fill-in-the-Blank and Wimba diploma 6 Answer questions can have multiple-part answers. File types supported by Wimba Diploma Our users primarily use Wimba Diploma to open these file types: Exam – Pub Kit Two new editing tools, one to replace spaces in the current selection with non-breaking spaces, and another to replace dashes with n-dashes.

Below are the release notes for Diploma releases prior to 6. Fixed some issues with the dirty flag being set for loading data that had been saved with earlier versions of Diploma. Updated corporate contact information to Wimba, Inc. The presence of some low characters in wimba diploma 6 text character codes less than 32 caused problems with some of the exports. Tech support dialog contains better information for known operating system names Windows 95, 98, ME,and XP.


Wimba – Publisher Solutions: Diploma Windows Software

When copying questions from one question bank to another, global variables are merged together in the destination question bank.

Merging during RTF Import would crash if the last question wasn’t the last record if a file had been reordered. Refactoring Improving Consolidated RTF reader to better read all commands to the end of the text, and to make reader more maintainable. Reduced the maximum wimba diploma 6 of attempts for satisfying conditions to Diploma integrates with TheTestingCenter. Fixed a problem with creating a new chapter, detaching it, and then trying to reattach it.

An question bank analysis tool was added, which is run before mastering question banks. After creating a new variable, the focus is placed in the variable name text box. Exam Matching questions can have additional distracters defined. Added the ability to set the wimba diploma 6 reference for a question via the right-click menu on the question list.

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