The list of known supported file types is further down the page. I would expect most to be above 6. Can also correlate 2 traces or compute spectra. We do not yet have a description of SEGY Viewer itself, but we do know which types of files our users open with it. Apr 17th, Freeware. It can even display time slices, if you set it up properly.

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Last edited by Admin on Thu Sgey 07, 4: Could you try the ParaView nightly. The quick bar voewer in the upper side of aegy main window provides access to various display modes, including wiggle, gray, color and timelines, as well as to scale and direction adjustments.

Clicking a file type you need help opening will in most cases find several other programs that can segy viewer that particular type of file too. Can show amplitude statistics of trace and whole line. Phoenix For Windows; unzip the file and run seisvu. AGC, band-pass filter and polarity reverse. Amplitude scale too weak default is man-max. Subscribe to Blog via Email. It takes several mouse clicks to load a file, but is worth it.


AGC, bandpass or notch filter. Thanks for the tip. SeiSee was reviewed by Andreea Matei. Only shows headers relevant to refraction segy viewer such as X,Y, elevation, segy viewer time. I would expect most to be above 6. Can click on trace to see headers.

Can show spectra with logarithmic frequency scale.

Visualization for GeoPhysical Data – SEG-Y Reader – Kitware Blog

All software listed on file. Content distributed under a CC BY 4. I only managed to download the initial release, which was a day demo for Windows.

It also has an “Info” function, which does segy viewer work well. Since it segy viewer a Chinese language viewer, I can’t say much about it. It does not display text header, something I would expect in such a program. SeiSee comes with a rich set of features that can help researchers, students and teachers to better analyze earthquake data inside an environment that is comfortable and suited for the average computer user.

Trace annotation is several headers: Was made by a company called Seismsoft, which is no more.

Can also correlate 2 traces or compute spectra. The reader has an option to read the data as VTK ImageData, which is useful when the data is parallelepiped that is rotated around the Z axis, as this format is memory efficient and can make data processing faster See Figure below. This was designed for viewing output of a special program, and it is not useful as a general SEG Y viewer. A number of good folks volunteer to make and publish VTK binary packages on different platforms.


Try a few programs segy viewer see which one works best for you. Some bugs fixed Read the full segy viewer.

SEGY Viewer

Trace header display shows both 2 and 4-bytes version, numeric only – no header names Trace display: For Windows XP to 10; latest version is 2. The RC cycle is an particularly good time to provide feedback segy viewer ParaView features new and old. But it still offers the ability to view the seismic data colour display and conventional black and white traces.

Geopsy For Linux sourceMac and Windows.

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