Have you tried XnView? Almost all films have antihalation backings to prevent reflection of light back thru the emulsion creating fuzzyness, but standard films have layers that are fully soluble in regular developers or even water. Going to the library will not work They will not let me put software on their machines. Seattle FilmWorks sold movie film stock that cannot be developed at standard high street processing facilities because it must be processed in ECN-2 chemistry. Furthermore, many libraries will not let you install software and would almost certainly not let you install software as an Administrator. It would allow them to be saved as. Here is a link to a download site where you can get PhotoWorks Verson 1.

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Video of the Day. If you send me the images electronically and I return the results electronically, I’ll convert your sfw images for free. Then Seatttle dropped the SFW files on it.

How to Convert Seattle Film Works Files

He was able to convert them to JPG. The CD does say “free photo works software included. I saw this on a CD dated If you post at newsgroup. The conversion extension must be seattle photoworks in the file name.


I don’t have any concerns about GraphicConverter working for you. Reprints and Enlargements We are able to create additional copies from your previously processed negatives, slides or digital files.

Those who say otherwise are not up to date with their information. Barbara, How did you solve seattle photoworks problem? Its marketing practices led to a lawsuit against the company inwhich was settled a year later, and sezttle company was later closed. I bet you’ll get an answer within a day.

Seattle FilmWorks – Wikipedia

Seattle photoworks and its accuracy. Your name or email address: Plus that type of post-WinXP installation has already been documented at “How to install PhotoWorks on Win7 bit” for a Windows version which is pretty typical at the libraries I’ve been to recently.

Contact Sheets are also available from your negatives. Choose pyotoworks folder on that drive where you will store your pictures by clicking the drive folder label and navigating through the options.

However, some of seattle photoworks older phootoworks stock films are still floating around out there. Yes No I don’t know. By then I should know if I want to continue converting any more for free, and I’ll know how long it takes per CD. So that “at the library” approach was fraught with too many problems.


Hi Mike seattle photoworks R. The way to tell the difference is that the base side of the movie stock films seatle black. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I saw this on CDs dated thru I think if you simply do the following, seatfle will convert your first CD’s.

Standard enlargement sizes include: The basic software was included on the Seattle FilmWorks picture disks.

Process used by Seattle FilmWorks, AKA PhotoWorks

Then I tried the convert button and all the files appeared as a long string of numbers with the words”create error ” next to each file. Your last post was quite informative to me. Double-click it and picture icons will appear.

Retrieved from ” photowoorks The thumbnails opened up in the XnView seattle photoworks.

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