It is even possible to process data on multiple distributed platforms while preserving time coherency and synchronization of heterogeneous data streams. Search and define scenarios automatically and in parallel on your Big Data architecture Export and automate your process for any uses cases. Take the best of different software tools: Thanks to the use of such software, we grown our productivity in order to reach the deadlines and expectations of our customers in the competitive car industry. Moreover, the rich set of components provided in standard with the software avoids us a lot of development and integrati

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A conference created by engineers, for engineers.

Training class: RTMaps Basic – dSPACE

Graphical user interface Recording and replay Macro components Reading strategies Data fusion Scripting RTMaps Embedded use Triggered recording Post-processing Synchronized data processing on multiple distributed platforms. In these cases, SLAM algorithms offer a smart solution. Prototyping, rtmaps and benchmarking of perception and data fusion algorithms Recording, synchronization and playback of data from numerous sensors and communication buses Available for different operating systems and x and ARM-based hardware platforms.

The application development also requires interfacing with communication networks, such as CAN or Ethernet. Duis volutpat porta condimentum. Thanks to the use of such software, we grown our productivity in order to reach the deadlines and expectations of our customers rtmaps the competitive car industry. The use of RTMaps allows rtaps to rtmaps some issues as: RTMaps exceeded expectations in terms of performance and integration capacities.


Rising to Multisensor Challenges dSPACE rtmaps Intempora have built a cooperation that aims at providing a superior tool rtmaps for developing advanced driver assistance systems rtmqps functions for highly automated driving.

About RTMaps A modular toolkit for your multimodal applications.

Intempora – RTMaps

Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. The multisensor rtmaps environment RTMaps provides a range of algorithms for developing functions for autonomous driving. Give life to your robots with RTMaps. The use of RTMaps on the UDrive project made the delivery possible on time and within the fixed budget.

The easiest way to develop, test, validate,benchmark rtmaps execute your applications. It contributes to maintain Renault company among the leaders in autonomous rtmaps systems design. A further use case is the open-loop stimulus test of ECUs for image processing.

Automotive : ADAS & Autonomous Vehicles

This is also required if no detailed map or rtmaps navigation is available. RTMaps provides us a way to use the same software tool transparently in simulated rtmaps and in real vehicles, generating the same kind of datasets same contents and format of rtmapx files and so using the same methodology for our different kinds Open-loop HIL tests of electronic control units for image processing. Design rtmaps ideas in a few clicks.

Search and define scenarios automatically and in rtmaaps on your Big Data architecture Export and automate your process for any uses cases.

A one-minute demo video of RTMaps. Quisque efficitur tempus mollis. From the most affordable architecture to the most recent and powerful embedded platforms of the automotive market! Architecture and system integration engineer – Robotics and surveillance department. The complete list of available components is rtmaps under: You can find here various on the shelf libraries from Intempora partners integrating their advanced technologies for various functions such as: The event will take place as usual in the AutoWorld museum in Brussels.


During the last decade, all rtmaps of the team use RTMaps and related software in their daily developments in their workplace but also in rtmaps vehicles. It’s the first time that Paris Motor show dedicate an exhibition area to BtoB experts in automotive.

With RTMaps, we do in a day what may require weeks to do with internal development. Rtmaps of on-board recorders and fusion devices.

Most of the research and industrial cooperation conducted by Mines ParisTech in the Robotics domain can be managed and delivered on time and provide breakthrough innovative approach, thanks rtmaps the use of the powerful and reliable RTMaps technology. Rtmaps the associated software functions are being prototyped, the data rtmapa the various sensors has to be processed and fused before the calculation results are fed into the actual application functions.

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