The final result of the structure created is the following:. A directory that holds additional class definition files for the plugin. For more information, see Plugin Clases. Finally, activate the new plugin , and the new role and permission will be available in ProcessMaker. By default the sample page will be displayed inside the principal window in the web browser.

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Contains code to invoke the functions pugins the step pluginName ApplicationAjax. Then, select a plugin’s tar file to upload to Processmaker plugins. After creating the new plugin, use the gulliver pack-plugin script to pack the plugin files into a tar archive which can be exported. Code will also be added to the pluginName. If “y” was entered, then in addition to the above files, the following file will also be created:.

The first parameter of the registerStep method is the external step’s unique ID number, which was processmaker plugins generated by ProcessMaker. Choose a pluggins from the list and then click on “Configure” button, a new list with many plugins will display.

Customized ProcessMaker Plugins You Must Know | ProcessMaker

Take into consideration that the name of the plugin must not contain the word ” Plugin ” since it is a reserved word of ProcessMaker. Instead, it is recommended to develop a plugin to modify the source code.

If the response is “y” yesthen additional files will be created in the new plugin directory and additional code will be added to the pluginName. Please rate how useful you found this document: Select the tar file for the plugin and click on Import to upload and install the new plugin in ProcessMaker.


Data generally comes from a database query, but in this sample page, all the names proceswmaker the list come from an array in the pluginName Application. When a processmaker plugins is selected in the list, porcessmaker “Status” option in the toolbar will change to “Enable” or processmaker plugins, depending on the plugin’s current status.

In addition, code will be added to the pluginName. The new plugin should now be ready to be used. Try Enterprise Edition Now!

Plugins cannot be created on Windows servers, because Windows does not support symbolic links; however, there is an experimental script for Windows servers available at:. Note that recent versions of ProcessMaker no longer have a Remove button to uninstall plugins so this method will never be called through the interface.

The main goal of plugins processmaker plugins to add new features to ProcessMaker.

3.3 – Plugin Development

See New Options in the Cases Sidebar below. After including the script, save the Sample. A directory that holds any images, style sheets, Plugihs, and other files that need to be publicly accessible. Set to ‘1’ to activate the new role and assign it to users.

This is the proper way processmaker plugins upgrade plugins that already exist in ProcessMaker. See New Role and Permission below. After importing and activating a plugin with an external step, the external step can be assigned as a step in a task. To see any new changes to the interface such as new menusrefresh the processmaker plugins browser.


To better understand the plugin methods used in this file, see the code in:. A directory to hold additional class definition files for the pligins. Therefore, the new role and permission will only be created in ProcessMaker when the new plugin is imported.

Then, processmaker plugins a file named main. From the command line, log in as the root user or any user with rights to the plugins directory.

ProcessMaker 2.x Enterprise Plugins | [email protected]

To create a custom external step for tasks, similar to steps like DynaForms, Input Documents and Procesmsaker Documents, enter “y” at this option:. Feel free to edit the external step’s name. Defines another class for the plugin which also inherits from the PmPlugin classwhere custom methods and peocessmaker variables for the plugin can be added. The default external step files created by the gulliver new-plugin script can be edited to add processmaker plugins content.

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