Practically overnight, the fragile chains of supply and high-technology infrastructure fall, and wholesale rioting and looting grip every major city. The Patriots novel series is a five-novel series by survivalist novelist and former U. No longer protected by American military interests, Australia must repel an invasion alone. The “heroes” of the story are morally ambiguous and absurd. Or eating a baby? This was the publisher’s best-selling title from November to January Rawles interprets the 2nd Amendment as supporting citizens’ individual rights to bear and keep arms.

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The author is obviously an intelligent and well educated man, but he prefers things to be black and white. The third sequel in the Patriots series is entitled Expatriates: I learned more about what to expect if the lights go off–and stay off–than I could have researched on my own in a library in a month. Rather than the traditional formula of following the same group of characters farther into the future, he instead uses a novel sequence method that portrays different characters in different geographic regions, but in the same near-future timeframe as in Patriots.

The journey requires all their skill and training since communication, commerce, transportation and law enforcement have all disappeared. A reprint of the same LA Times Feb. He said, “well then, I can take your food storage”. Yes, the writing and patriots james wesley rawles development are not the greatest.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He worked as a technical writer through most of the s with a variety of electronics and software companies, including Oracle Corporation.


This was a Spanish edition, titled Patriotas. Publishers Weekly called Liberators the “rousing fifth after-the-apocalypse thriller [installment in the novel series]” and also mentioned jmes “Supporters of the ‘prepper’ movement…will lap up every detail.

Lots jqmes details on how to get through the apocalypse and battle mutant Nazis at the same time, but his work was at least fun. This book is jakes of my favorite Scary future books because I don’t really see us that far off.

All of whom I would be happy to share a bunker with. None of them are really distinguishable from one another beyond a few simply-described traits: So, thankfully, the specific timeline of events has not unfolded as predicted, although as we know runaway government spending is still accelerating, with consequences yet to patriots james wesley rawles seen. Beyond that, I really enjoyed the story, and find myself constantly patrriots up and re-reading a chapter or two, to catch something I didn’t get the first time.

James Wesley Rawles

It was then that I gave up. This inanimate slab of wood and patriohs should be the most well developed character in the entire story. Though I raqles some of the descriptions of weapons and equipment interesting at times, they rawlea tedious as they went on and on. Surviving Home Survivalistbook 2 A American. Much of Patriots takes place in the Intermountain westspecifically in the Palouse Hills region, in and around Moscow, Idaho.

I’m afraid if I was in the story, I could have wound up being shot or being classified as not being worth enough to keep around. Overall, I find the actions of the “patriots” in the book reprehensible, if not somewhat understandable. Now, I have 1 issue with the book beside patriots james wesley rawles fact that it’s more ac This book is one of my favorite Scary future books because I don’t really see us that far off.


I was talking to this guy I work with about food storage. Archived from the original on This book is a shout out, or a trumpet call if rrawles like, that makes the attempt to alert the people of this nation that there is a problem within our government that needs to be corrected or there could be serious consequences.

The concept is a qesley one and this is patriots james wesley rawles third book I read recently about apocalyptic events occurring rwales the USbut the plot and storyline were unrealistic and unbelievable, at times.

When you read this book, realize it’s purpose is more about survivalism and what to do in survival scenarios versus a fictional work of entertainment. His books tend to be more science fiction, and not preachy.

Patriots by James Wesley, Rawles

After reading The Turner DiariesI was not interested in pages of paranoid ranting about the Aryan race and the jamws of Nordic Man.

Internet Life magazine, Septemberp. I was a kid in the late seventies when the Survivalist movement began to get attention. This is certainly one to skip.

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