Uncontrollable Actions good ending, keyword 3 What happens: Had to just go to Part-time like every Noraml day just so I don’t optimize all of Souta’s stats by August. Toru and Heroine are on at some place that is displaying Toru’s work. Years later, no longer a student What happens: How do you counter such a fate? He’s always seen with Yurika, who seems to have a fairly obvious crush on him, but it’s unknown if he noticed or has reciprocated her feelings. Souta and Heroine watches Night parade keyword 2 Choices:

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2031 – Otometeki Koi Kakumei – Love Revo!! DS (6rz)

Receiving a shock from that, she pledges to lose her large build and return to being the beautiful girl she had been waaaay back in the past. The graphics may not be as awesome as that of Tokimeki Memorial, and the CGs not as beautiful, but considering the file size, I think it’s not too bad.

Then pick option 1: Dwarf asks Heroine to stay with him in the gingerbread house forever. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

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I believe it’s organized this way: Either Must See Picture Path or during 1st question pick 2: January 26 Heart Level: Ryutaro Choice 7 Roof: Okay, I’ll go if you choose 1, you become kg!


Years later, in a Park What happens: Quite sickly and collapses if too strained.

After class, Heroine watches Kennosuke play basketball Choices: The Last Smile bad ending, Yoshihisa dies too probably, except Ayato probably lied about it on your Jan.

Shinobu first meeting Oct. Our Classroom keyword 3 good ending What happens: Fitness – increases stats related to fitness see Stats B.

Otometeki Koi Kakumei – Love Revo!! DS (Japan) NDS / Nintendo DS ROM Download | RomUlation

She is the second friend of the character, with two pink pony tails, she looks rather sleepy or calm. The game starts with otometeki koi kakumei love revo ds flashback of heroine’s childhood when she used to be a cute young model, but as she grew up she developed a fondness for sweets and junk foods that koj got as gifts also her weird siscon Onii-chan encouraged her since in his opinion, her smiling face when she eats is the best and by rdvo 2nd year of high school, she has become rather round.

B October 3 New winter uniform! Ren in tux, defending Heroine from his adoptive mother’s verbal attacks Choices: Ayato’s depressed by Yoshihisa’s death Choices: Bad ending or 2: How can I let go so easily?


Summer trip, see Ren staring out the window Choices: Middle of the night, Masaki’s out looking for his dog, find the doggy and wash him Choices: August 1 kamumei 1 Condition: Don’t see what you’re looking for?

koii There is also a manga adaption illustrated by Fujinari Yuuki. Rooftop of mansion, Ayato kisses Heroine and decides to date her even with his health issues Ayato rests on Heroine’s lap in the park after a pain attack Choices: If he, too, makes fun of me, I don’t think I can take it Souta: Handing over headband Date: I need to diet more or I should go study reading more.

As promised, I got to Ryutaro and completed him, took a while but it’s done: Masaki leaves the classroom after telling the Heroine that he’s actually had a lovw on forever, he’s really pretty cynical.

So glad I chose this mansion.

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