And even better was the effect it had on me personally. In fact pretty sexy if you ask me. Oct 03, Douglas Lord rated it it was amazing. Login Status Remember Me. Anyway, after discovering this excruciating pain I realized that a brilliant way of giving my wife a gift — just like Mort Fertel advises in his Marriage Fitness program — is to give her a foot massage every morning after she wears high heels for our date nights. My wife at the time wanted nothing to do with me.

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Paperbackpages. Nonetheless, whatever you can do to stay connected with your spouse is important and you should definitely do it.

Marriage Fitness by Mort Fertel – Review

This was crucial for me because at first I blamed all our marriage problems on my wife but I was equally to blame. This section will teach you how to fall in love again marriabe stay in love. I guess I got spoiled, so to speak, since I had instant access to so much other marriage help CDs that I was upset when I had to call a phone number to hear tele-conferences. This wonderful little book is worth its weight in gold My marriage problems were huge. Great tips on how to keep a marriage healthy.


Because Marriage Fitness is a revolutionary way to save your marriage; way better than any marriage help books out there or traditional marriage counseling. You can be the same person as long as you are considerate to your spouse and kids. Not doing mrt things for her just because; and 9.

Marriabe about your childhood, unresolved conflicts, and past mistakes. Todd and I have decided to read this book together. All the daily grind items that life throws at you and takes away from you opportunity to love your spouse.

We do a lot together.

Mort Fertel Review! Discover 1st Hand if Marriage Fitness Really Works to Fix Marriage Problems?

And, while it’s written for traditional couples, it was pretty simple to adapt while reading and apply it to my own same-sex relationship. Knowing this was a very emotionally charged situation I was careful on how I proceeded but my questioning began as follows.

Prior to the event, they solicit donations from the local community and their own friends and colleagues. That day however, instead of going to play golf, I made plans to take my wife out for a couple drinks and dinner instead. I rea This is absolutely the best marriage book I have ever mort fertel marriage fitness.

Marriage Fitness: 4 Steps to Building & Maintaining Phenomenal Love

One of our blog readers recently bought the program and made the comment: Considering I have an amazing success rate in saving my marriage thanks to Mort Fertel Marriage Fitness, friends and strangers alike have been asking me for marriage help for a few years now.


Where on earth do I begin… there are so many! Problems listed by others were so similar to mine it was eerie. It so happens we stayed out till 2am that night. As you can see, it was merely high heels that I wore. What on earth does dressing up like a woman have to do with saving my marriage? Login Status Remember Me.

No, not at all! Neglecting his wife in favor of playing video ferrel 2. She is right in fact mort fertel marriage fitness than right. May 15, A rated it really liked it. In fact pretty sexy if you ask me. He also had assessments on fidelity, knowledge of your spouse, giving patterns, and decision making. Today is Wednesday and we arrived Monday mort fertel marriage fitness and fjtness wife and I are having a blast. In fact, it’s fairly easy to apply the basic concepts to building better relationships with children and other family members, too.

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