There is Fuji, Canon, Nikon, and Sony. Actually they’re not that bad under normal lighting but generally I don’t use them too often because of their overcooked colours, poor details in highlights and some odd artefacts like in your example. Peter Brody – March 24, As someone from the film only era I can’t help but be amused by such things. Been using mastin for a year now and it fits my style. I’ve long been a fan of Mastin Labs presets, and this set does not disappoint. It’s a technique that film shooters have been using for decades, and it’s a look that a lot of popular film presets are using as a starting point before going way over the deep end. Not impressed with Mastin somehow.

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So glad you love them, they’re pretty incredible! I was able to get it pretty close, and it was still a much welcomed shortcut to doing it from scratch that was better than any other mastin labs portra out there. And this one is way more consistent too! Photovision had my scans figured out within 5 shoots. The adjustments are fixed for all images they are applied to.

As if it were possible for these presets to be any dreamier. Awesome comparisons – thank you very much for taking the time to write this. Been using mastin for a year now and it fits my style. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Andrew Richardson Peter Brody – March 24, Amused by the idea that mastin labs portra who shoot both digital and film would want their images to match as closely as possible?


A final jpeg file from a film scan went through numerous steps, techniques, equipment, and often different hands to get to the final image.

Mastin Labs Portra Pushed Presets for Lightroom Mastin Labs

The simple fact is, some matches take 3 clicks, others take a lot more tweaking. Not visually, per say, but with regards to those of us who have purchased his presets and have either loved or hand raised felt like they were a rip-off for what you get. As I said before, because I always liked the pushed film look, using the standard Mastin Labs presets was never a 3 click edit for me. So when Kirk came to me asking help creating presets to madtin pushed film, I was definitely on board.

Sure you can make a preset that would be better off mastin labs portra more types of images, but that simpy entails not going to extremes in the creation of such a preset. Apply the preset, 2. Pushed kodak film has pprtra been one of my favorites for personal porra travel work, but was basically near impossible to match the look of digitally until these came out.

Making a preset that can be applied across multiple images mastin labs portra maintain a consistent look is more difficult, particularly if you’re trying to replicate a very specific look like poortra color and tone of a film stock. Just look at this, this is a ‘truest Portra look’ according to that guy’s claim: Andrew is a professional photographer based mastin labs portra Houston, Texas.

Mastin Labs Portra Original Pack | Mastin Labs Mastin Labs

porhra Pushing in development though can help bring midtones and highlights back up from being underexposed, making what would be a muddy film scan into a more dynamic photo. If you give Mastin Labs a try be sure to let me know how you like them!


The preset grain profiles for medium format and 35mm film mastin labs portra the Mastin Labs presets are pretty good, but pretty subtle. In your Mastin Labs account, you will have a download for the preset that you have purchased. It was very helpful!

Glad you brought that up! Sure, people have other reasons for shooting film, but this is a discussion about image quality. Check out some comparisons below between actual film scans and digital files edited with the Mastin presets and guess which is which.

Fstoppers Reviews: Mastin Labs Portra Pushed Film Presets

My editing time has been cut down to a third. The focus has been on Kodak Portra mastin labs portra, since they push so well because of the inherent dynamic range.

Or that people might have a different preference than you when it comes to how their images look? I don’t think making good presets is difficult at all. A shame it scans with a sprinkled white pepper effect. When using the presets on portraits, I felt like they added just enough mood without going so far that I needed to spend excessive time pulling every photo back to keep them from looking overbaked.

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