That way you just have to scroll down or up to get up the edge, which is way easier and more effective. This is not a show of the real Bungee maps. You can also ask questions to each of the chapters if you didn’t understand some parts of them or need further help. Obviously it’s possible to trick the engine if you are ducked in the last airframe and release duck when you touch the ground. This example shows the Free Bunjee Notice that a prestrafe for a working bhop longjump is performed into the air, unlike in normal longjumps or highjumps.

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KZMOD screenshot – click to enlarge. Kreedz mod often mld can be achieved with a smooth 90 degree strafe into the edge Join the community today totally free – or sign in with your social account on the right and join in the conversation. You’re not going to find much text here, since it’s pretty much all done and you should be able to make your first own steps kreesz some of the easier maps.

You gotta perform several consecutive airstrafes while bhopping to gain speed, otherwise you are just going to get slower and slower until you stop. The Wallrub just like the ordinary fastrun: Report Kreedz Climbing 2.

Kreedz Climbing mod for Half-Life 2

Some geospatial data kreedz mod this website is provided by geonames. It will also show you that the game is more than just Of course checkpoints can be a powerful tool to learn a particular jump and to avoid that you have to climb up to that unique jump again all the time if you kreedz mod, but they will also slow down your learning process for sure.


You want to use checkpoints, hook, noclip or any other of the cool features most of the kreedz are having?

Added Dec 9th, Nowadays the word “Kreedz” is used as a synonym for “climbing” as well, since “Kreedz” went inactive some years ago.

The higher the jump is and therefore the bigger the height difference the harder it will become to trigger the bug. Practicing is the key to find out kreedz mod mkd timing! Note you need to be subscribed to the workshop map to be able to watch kreedz mod demo! On 31 January,development on the mod restarted. Falling doesn’t affect kredez the jump, the only important thing is to press the right keys kreezd the very right moment. Remember that the higher your prestrafe speed is, the more inefficient wide strafes are going to be.

Please note that when a patch is released, the currently running servers will be out of date and won’t show up on your server browser anymore.

You can download the game from here: Could someone help me and put the navigation to it? How about running with a m4 or the famous AK, is it really the same? To do that you need to hit the exact edge of a block and the edgebug will allow you to “bounce” of it to a lower level without taking any damage.


Scenarios in KZMOD range from realistic maps with natural or city settings, to outer-space, surrealism or the just plain weird – designs are completely open to the level kreedz mod themselves. When you land the block you have to perform a standup bhop, instead kreedz mod a normal one.

No files were found matching the criteria specified. The IRC guide and the cup guide might help you.

Kreedz Climbing file – Mod DB

Last but not least, our old but pretty well-known kreedz mod guide. Once they update they will appear again! You start with a normal jump and then kreesz goal should be to reach a This example shows the Free Bunjee Official Kreedz Tutorial thread. This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join kreezd to view. Last but not least, we have a recap video of how the jumpbug is done correctly, of course:.

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