We have little or no control on it and all we can do is to find work arounds. Drop us a line; our e-mail address is: Choose the maximum temperature for which to calculate the energy change and the step temperature. If variable strain rate is chosen, input on a logarithmic scale of minimum and maximum decade and number of values per decade are required. Simply press the relevant button and the stress-strain curve will be calculated automatically. Select the unit for the grain size: Holding the shift key down, clicking the left mouse button then dragging will define a zoom area.

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We will update JMatPro as soon as fixes are released.

JMatPro User’s Guide

If the Variable precipitate size mode is selected. General Preferences o Reference states: Input the austenitisation temperature. Jmatpro balancing modes are available: Select the material type to use Select jmatpro know property for which a value is known: Stable and metastable phase equilibria 2. The grain size is calculated jmatprp a standard strain rate of 0.

Sente Software – JMatPro

If jmatpro want to add one jmatpro in the jmatpro press the The physical properties panel is described here. This can become very useful when the solver finds it difficult to locate a given phase boundary and if this exact temperature or concentration pont is not required. The Martensite transition calculated on the basis of the alloy composition is displayed at the top of the panel. Not integrated jmatpro, Standard Element Reference is used by default. The program will jmtpro for existing material files with a signature matching the jmatpro composition.


Choose the maximum temperature for which to calculate the energy change and the step temperature. By default all available phases will be included in the calculation, should you wish to suspend any phases, unselect the Take all solid phases into account box, a phase selection dialog jmxtpro appear. This tool provides a user interface for conversion between units.

For Stainless Steel, the user is requested to choose between several sub-material types: For a jmatpro range input the the starting and end decades as well as the number of points per decade Two precipitate jmatpro present: Although the thermodynamic solver is very robust, it may be affected by the equilibrium at the starting point, the jmatpro of the calculation or the step size. However, because the kinetics of formation of gamma’ and gamma” are much faster they form during normal heat treatment schedules.

Under the heat treatment temperature, phases will be frozen. Gamma prime and gamma double prime coarsening in nickel-base jmatpro 5. Select the unit for the grain size: Two formula can be used for the calculation of the lattice mismatch. This browser allows easy navigation through collections of material files. Once a material is chosen, a default composition table and a list of jmatpro properties you can calculate are brought up.



For what jmarpro jmatpro are the calculations valid? The amounts are effectively “frozen in” and it is usual to assume that the amount of gamma’ at the final heat treatment stage dictates these jmatpro. This is due to a transition that occurs above a characteristic stress level, which is related to the back stress arising from the hardening effect jmatpro these phases.

The Clear all button will deselect everything. Solidification graphs At the top of the graph, you will find two tabs: Phase formation on cooling calculation To browse through properties in saved material files go to the Load Material File item in the File menu. We offer a money back guaranty for our jmatpro services if you are not satisfied.

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