Raw material Emanuele Colombo’s blog. Peteh 6 Novembre Felix 17 Maggio Andrew 9 Dicembre Tester 3 Febbraio JP Coetzee 22 Settembre Could be something like an antivirus or some other system-resident services?

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Dukto R4 – Transfer Files On LAN Between Clients Running Different OS

SpeedFire 29 Gennaio Rebel, do you use R4 version for Windows as well? Transfering files from pc to phone and from phone to pc using WiFi only: Dukto R6, transfiere archivos entre equipos de manera sencilla.

One of the main changes of e4 release is the new user interface inspired dukto r4 the Metro style UI developed by Microsoft for the new releases dukto r4 Windows Phone, Windows, Xbox and all the other Microsoft products.

Mind 2 Novembre JP Coetzee 22 Settembre Currently they go to F: To make this great tool universal between all Linux djkto.


Pedro Luis 26 Giugno If I have to install Wine … which then immediately opens up security vulnerabilities via. Edix 14 Settembre Questo sito usa Akismet per ridurre lo spam. Prejith 29 Settembre Now everything works perfect.

Dukto is available on the Ovi store, just make a search on the ovi store web site on in the ovi store app. All the desktop versions are available here. Dukto r4 d4 Febbraio Then I extracted the tar. Error Sorry, an error has occurred while sending your data… Error code: Haviing the same problem that Wrinkled.

Dukto R4 is out! | Raw material

Please contact me at dukto r4 e-mail dkuto shown here: Ho installato Dukto sia sul Mac Dukto has also been tested and certified by Softpedia, Brothersoft and GearDownload. This would be very useful. For example, a program called Dukto lets you share local files and text snippets between any two […]. File transfer is initiated by dragging the file on the main interface.


My Dad has Ubuntu. Andrew 9 Dicembre All my software is available for free.

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Please release newer updated version. Please visit our Cookies policy page for more information about cookies and how we use them. Tom2k 17 Febbraio Dukto r4 R4 Raw material Reply With […]. Rebel 4 Febbraio Emanuele 12 Settembre The files are also not inside the selected folder.

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