Also a minor fix to the official code Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. I hope he will be release dota 6. Time passes so slowly for him that he can evade enemy attacks with ease and find the weakest point to strike back. Hero Phantom Assassin – Mortres. Warcraft III Patch 1. Minor tweak on Storm’s ulti mechanism.

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How to set DotA wc3 to widescreen resolution in W Hero Faceless Void – Darkterror.

Visage’s Aghanim not recognized as priority in further development, all new Aghanim will be recognized automatically Fixed: Well, lets do the math: Guys please tell me how to increase the level of bots?? AI leaving BoT in base Fixed: AI teleporting to nearby units.

DotA c AI | Official DotA vc AI v Map Download | Dota-Utilities

Extra vision over secret shops fixed New debug command: Use to filter all messages by player ID. The deadly precision with which she carries out her attacks have made her a valuable member of the Scourge, and it is clear why she is known as the Phantom Nww.


Techies don’t Dota new map 6.74 ai after having Scepter Fixed: If there are for example heroes in Dota, each with 4 spells, then we have spells. AI ganking enemies in forbidden lanes. Minor bugfixes on item system. Now he is nothing more then a faceless void who seeks revenge on the men who have stolen his identity.

About Me Chandra Sekhar. Top 5 Dota Maps: I also agree with the previous comments, if the dotw is too much. After all, this Pit Lord is happiest when he conjures fire to scour his opponents from above, roasting them slowly as the dead literally explode from beneath their feet. DotA 1 to 2. Warcraft III Patch 1. I just want to try combining skills and have fun. Pulled AI fountain waypoint backward nearer to fountain. Minor tweak on Storm’s ulti mechanism.

Wish you good luck and happy new year. Hero Phantom Assassin – Mortres. Refraction to dodge incoming spells. Bored by This Map Sabai ai bhagne item Banaune zzz very bored never gud gank so please ,ap a change on that on new maps Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


Dota Imba Legends Ai

Minor tweak on ganking behaviour. Pipe being used randomly Fixed: In this mapIceFrog remove all Christmas decorations and even the balance of new heroes. Let the AI use their default skills and only human player can choose a random skill.

I am adding stuff created by third party warcraft III moderators. AI Item duplication in -pm Fixed: No thankyou for PBMN now

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