Anonymous December 7, at 4: Top Posts DotA 6. Fix your fucking grammar first. Oo isa kang duck. Anonymous August 30, at 8:

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Zain Zachary November 20, at 1: Anonymous October 19, at Anonymous October 15, at 5: Wala sigurong pamilya kaya wala kang humor haha PeaceMaker August 12, at Anonymous November 20, at 5: Check also DotA 6.

Anonymous December 23, at 2: Anonymous August 13, at Anonymous October 31, at 2: Anonymous August 30, at If you have an older Warcraft 3 Patch mmapchoose one of the older Dota Ai maps from our archive. Many many people love Dota Ai for the following reasons: Asim Alban Soy September 24, at 1: No real nerfs to speak of, and euls, blink, talisman and force were buffed a lot. Anonymous August 30, at 8: Anonymous September 29, at 7: Anonymous October 1, at 5: Anonymous December 19, at 5: Anonymous August 15, at Fucking ignorant dota 6.78b ai map hard fuckers.!!!


Ty I’M pro ;3. Anonymous October 15, at 8: Anonymous June 7, at 8: Ddota Tunggal May 31, at 3: The only reason why DotA was a hit is because it was dota 6.78b ai map spec that almost the whole world can play it.

Anonymous November 30, at 8: Anonymous September 16, at Anonymous August 11, at 9: Anonymous August 2, doota 8: How long do we have to wait for the AI man SDN Pedurungan kidul 01 July 6, at They act like a real dota player: Anonymous November 28, at 7: Anonymous December 14, at 4:

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