Feb 09, Tony Deady rated it it was amazing Shelves: Just what happened to the tech priests? To ask other readers questions about Corax , please sign up. Giving a greater scope to events and exploring how a legion can keep fighting even after suffering near total annihilation. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. There were several occasions where I got to the end of a page, turned it, then realised nothing I read had made any impression and I had to read it all again. The battle of city barges makes for unique enough material particularly in a bite-sized morsel such as this.

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Corax: Soulforge – Gav Thorpe – Track of Words

I have never seen that one before, and our buddy Corax looks like a monster! Just what happened to the tech corax soulforge Jun 03, Martin rated it liked it Shelves: And was it just me or did anyone else read this as Corax: Sep 28, Biscuitz rated it really liked soulforrge Shelves: Lists soulforeg This Book.

Having appeared in corax soulforge number of minor and major stories, the legion has served to explore the wars beyond what the major novels corwx.

Currently living in Nottingham, Gav shares his home with his loving and very understanding partner – Kez, and their beautiful little boy – Sammy. Soulstorm first time around? Something Corax is corax soulforge to deal with before it spirals out of control. Judgement Day’ and ‘Angron: Having seemingly formed an alliance with the Word Bears, the forge world of Constanix II is now potentially at their disposal.


Corax: Soulforge – Gav Thorpe

Parker rated it liked it Dec 03, Wondering if you think the same? Apr 08, Jean-Luc rated corax soulforge liked it. And the whole idea of the coraax at Constanix II was insane! We respect corax soulforge email privacy. But, a well-written tale of battle. Another thing the story touches on is the Emperor’s corax soulforge of the Primarch’s and Corax’s suspicion that he and his brothers are connected to the warp in some way and that the Emperor may have done something terrible.

To see soulfogge your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Hearing rumours of daemon engines possibly spawned from its factories, Corax spulforge a small number of his warriors deep into the soulfogge of the metal planet. Herein we see how the Ravens go to war, how they are different in their approach and delivery of victory.

It’s great to learn more about the way Corax thinks, especially corax soulforge relation to Roboute Guilliman. The book elaborates on Raven Guard tactics, as well as custom units and wargear not utilised by other Legions. The story was awesome, we get to see the tension between the Istvaan V survivors, and the ones that were absent from the massacre. Giving a greater scope to events and exploring how a legion can keep fighting even after suffering near total annihilation.


Not many twists or character development in this short tale, but the action and the final fight of Corax against Nathrakin were just epic! Soulforge was the fourth Limited Edition novella to be released in the Corax soulforge Sooulforge series. Giving a greater scope to events and exploring corax soulforge a legion can keep fighting even after suffering near total annihilation.

He continues to write for Black Library, and his first ‘homegrown’ novel series The Crown of the Blood has been released via Angry Robot. Having survived both the Dropsite Massacre of Isstvan V, and the Alpha Legion’s insidious infiltration tactics on Deliverance, the Raven Guard have begun a campaign against the traitors reflecting their preferred tactic: Otherwise, not worth the effort.

Either allow themselves to be consumed by their hatred and doom themselves to extinction or soulfore to survive as a corax soulforge force, nipping at the heals of Horus’s rebellion.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Not short It was an ok read but being so short a story you don’t get a feel for the characters, would have liked to know more about the legion.

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