View input and output data from different scenarios concurrently Input data from different scenarios can be viewed concurrently in the Model Data window. Including items in the cost report Then use the reorder button or row drag-and-drop to move it below the previous Volumetric Flow Rate item. By iterating on values for the supply pressure, you were able to use AFT Fathom to determine the minimum required supply pressure for this system. Printed in the United States of America. Draw a pipe below the junctions, similar to that shown in Figure 2.

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The items displayed fahom the tables are those items you chose in the Output Control window Checklist item 2. From the Graph Parameters list choose Pressure Static. Then you will connect the junctions with pipes. Build the model A.

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The Quick Graph plot Figure 5. Databases can either be engineering databases or cost databases. Transients for junctions can be defined as either time based or event based transients. This window can be printed or copied to the clipboard for import into other Aft fathom 7.0 graphics programs, saved to a file, or printed to an Adobe PDF file.

Place the new reservoir somewhere to the right of the first junction, leaving room between the reservoirs for a pump junction see Figure 2.

Problem statement Aft fathom 7.0 Example A heat exchanger system has a bypass line that is used to divert flow around the heat exchangers. The pump speed is varied to deliver the flow rate or pressure you set. Here we will summarize some key aspects of databases: Stretch the pipe across to the J2 Reservoir, and then release the mouse button.


Sizing a Pump Example Enter the junction data This database is selected by choosing the option at the top of the System Properties window, at which point it is automatically displayed in the Fluids in Current Model area. The default selection is for the loss factors to be specified as zero.

Open the Pump Specifications window, and select fathmo Transient Data tab. Accept the changes by clicking OK.

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The Reservoir you have created on the Workspace will take on the default ID number of 1. A single level of undo is available for all editing operations. Once the actual pump has been identified, the pump characteristics can be added to the pump component by adding the pump curve data to the pump junction. In general the reference positive flow direction is used for reference aft fathom 7.0 only and need not be the actual flow direction.

Some junction types also allow you to specify an initial pressure as well as other junction-specific fatjom.

aff This window allows you to select your fluid s as well as gravitational acceleration and atmospheric pressure. Place the other junctions If the new junction type you want to add already exists on the Workspace, you have the option aft fathom 7.0 duplicating that junction. Dual sequential transient events are two transients events which occur one after the other, without repeating.


The Model Data window allows access to all Specifications windows by double-clicking the appropriate ID number in the far left column of the table.

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This process must be repeated until the Secondary Fluid Inlet Temperature the delivers the Freon at 24 deg. After the data has been entered, a curve fit for the data must be created by selecting the Generate Curve Fit Now button. You can also open the List Undefined Objects window from the View menu to see what data is missing.

Aft fathom 7.0 fathoom has one main supply line that branches into two supply lines that supply four sprays on each side. This transient data can be expanded or collapsed in the same manner as in the General Output transient summaries. This can be seen in the dH column of the Pipe output window. Set up the R12 case The XTS and GSC modules can aft fathom 7.0 used in the same run to simulate control functions over time, but we are not going to do this here.

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